Malandros playtest part 2

Aranha meets Jose at the quay, where he’s making minor repairs to his boat. He wants her to find out what’s going on with the redevelopment plans, and see if she can do something about them. Aranha stalls – she feels like this is beyond her grasp.

Later the same day, Aranha and Sem Parar, leader of the Sao Francisco parish Nagoas, meet on the beach at Praia Beijaflor. Sem Parar starts the fight, but Aranha ends it. When he goes for her, she pulls out one of her signature moves, the rasteira, and sends him sprawling onto a patch of rocks, then kicks him while he’s down. With their leader half dead, the Nagoas decide not to push things. Some of them drag Sem Parar away; about 8 of them decide to join Aranha’s gang.

At a party hosted by Pedro, Rosa gossips with her friends. Pedro hoves into view and eventually works his courage up enough to ask her to visit his family home near Fortaleza de Minas – she agrees.

Meredith follows up on the lead about da Silva’s visit to the girl on Flower Street. For the price of a shoe-shining, a local shoeshine boy gives him the lowdown. The one da Silva went to see is called Joselita. She lives with her older sister Paoletta. They were orphaned, and it’s hard to see how they’re making ends meet since Paoletta lost her job at the factory.

Rosa goes to ask her father for permission to visit Pedro’s place in the country. Having obtained reassurances along the lines of Pedro’s parents being home, and Rosa’s promise to behave, he agrees.

On her way to Santo Antonio square, Rosa is accosted by a strange man – it’s Jose. He wants Rosa to put some pressure on Aranha to give up her wayward lifestyle. Since she’s not listening to him, maybe she’ll listen to her employer. “Well,” says Rosa, who knew Aranha was tough but not that she ran a malta, “you may have just cost her her job.”

At the market, Aranha talks to the traders and tells them about Senator Cruz’s plans to demolish the area. Some firebrands want to go directly to the rioting and window-smashing stage of proceedings, but Aranha talks them down. There’s no need to go that far — yet.

Early next morning, at Senator Cruz’s palatial residence, a stiff-collared butler brings the morning papers on a silver tray. We still haven’t seen Cruz yet, so all that’s visible is his arm on the rest of a high-backed chair. The front page is all about the demolition plans. “WHO DID THIS?”
Credits roll.

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