Revolution Comes to the Kingdom

Action, stealth, propaganda and the mythic underworld

Revolution Comes to the Kingdom (RCTK) is a tabletop roleplaying game about a small, fictional country undergoing a civil war in the years following World War 2. Your characters must travel to each of the eight valleys, lead the people there to a spiritual awakening, and confront the monsters that lurk in the dreamlike catacombs beneath each valley. Only then will the Kingdom truly be free. 

It’s a game of difficult journeys, raids, prison breaks, mercenaries working for mining conglomerates, captured radio transmitters, code books, Soviet and CIA minders, sniffer dogs barking along the bank of a river. It’s also a game of spiritual awakening, daring explorations of ancient places, visions of awe and terror, and struggle against the Eight Evil Thoughts. 

RCTK is in active development, and the core rules, “Playing the Game”, are available free as a beta release. All three sections – Playing the Game (core rules), A Welcome in the Hillsides (setting), and GM’s Toolkit – are available to Patreon supporters at 

Need an adventure to run? Try Ketiga Valley & the Sunken Ruins, a sandbox excerpted from the setting section of Revolution Comes to the Kingdom

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